Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Starting New

Since I am starting new, I thought I would just go from this point on and not bore you all with the details of the past weeks. I am going to tell you what is currently going on with me and my family.
Our Georgia House
Woohoo! I am super excited to say that we have a contract on our house. The offer was pretty good, and we knew we couldn't pass up that chance. If everything goes as planned, January 16th the house will no longer be ours and it will have a proud new owner. Keep your fingers crossed!

Our Pets
Currently we have a sick little baby. Last night while running and jumping like usual she hurt her back. She does this sometimes, and the next day she is afraid to jump. The vet told us this would happen with dogs with long backs like hers. She has long legs, but she is the tiniest little thing. She is much smaller than most miniature Schnauzers. I think she was the runt, but she would probably disagree. Doesn't she look so pitiful!

Our other baby, BoBo, now have a new 'fishy' home. He was getting to big for his little tank so he graduated to the bigger tank we had waiting for him. He is in heaven! He can swim and swim and not worry about running into things. Look over his missing scales, he was so big in that little tank he was constantly beating himself up! He is looking better, and seems to really like the new home.

Tim's new job
Some of you already knew, and some of you didn't so I will fill you all in so you will understand. In October, the company that he works for made all of the employee's reapply for their jobs. Some of the people, including my husbands stepdad have been there for 30+years. They were able to bid on 6 jobs, and they interviewed them all. I am happy to say that Tim has a new job and a better paying job than he had before. He won't have to work as hard and he will still have a company car. That was our biggest worry because he has a gas hog of a truck that we wouldn't be able to afford him to drive daily.

My Job
Work is going good. We are not as busy as I would like to be, but I hope that changes soon. Drama is still there but I guess that is everywhere you go. Some people thrive on making other people's lives horrible, and I will never understand that. Some people let their positions go to their heads, and forget that at one time they were in the same place you are. Oh well, I guess I should just be thankful to have a job huh!

Before I forget, when I deleted the other blog I have lost several of the links to the blogs I love. If your name and link isn't on the side please let me know because I miss you and want to keep in touch.


Misty said...

thanks for the updated blog info~ i thought I'd lost you... :)
your poor little one. hope her back is better soon. bless her heart...

Emily said...

I hope your house sells!!!!

Poor peach, hope she gets to feeling better!

Magnolia Sun said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything goes smoothly on the house. I like your new layout.

Samantha said...

Wow. I am glad everything is working out.
It sounds like with his new position and your house selling you will be doing awesome in 2009.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!