Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

...for that I'm grateful.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...and so it goes

So now, here I am. Back in the blogging world.  I've had blogs before, but never kept them active or blogged like I should.  So, here's to a new beginning at my old home ... especially since my friend Emily has decided to FINALLY join the blogging world.

I am 29, soon to be 30. {eek!}  I have an amazing family that I am very grateful for.  I have wonderful friends, who I often refer to as my conscience and sounding board.  Without them, I'd be a wreck.  I don't have any children, but I do have a 4 legged baby that thinks she is human.  My sister in law blessed the family with a nephew who will be 2 soon.  He's the cutest little boy ever, and you'll read about him frequently.

Now... here's to a new beginning and to blogging on the regular.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Hair Style

This past Monday, I had 4 inches cut off of my hair.  It was getting really long, and seemed to lay very flat.  



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 day.. and counting

In four days it will be Christmas!  Lots of family events are planned for the weekend, but for now the house is calm and quiet!  Hubby is on the road, but he is on his way slowly (at 64 mph, at most) headed toward home.  He should be here on Friday.

I spent the week making candy to share with my friends and family.  I made Southern pecan fudge and chocolate turtles.  They both turned out very well and I can't wait to share them with everyone. I attempted to make peanut butter roll, and that was a major flop.  After turning everything in my kitchen -- including myself -- into a sugar coated mess, I gave up and trashed the entire thing.  I've heard people say that you can't make candy when its suppose to rain, or if its raining.  Next time, I will listen!  I will share photo's of the goodies once I have them in the decorative tins that I plan to give them away in.

Time to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation -- a V Family must!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011

Thanksgiving was a great day!  I got to spend the day with my parents. Hubby was out of town, which didn't make me happy.  However, I know he is doing what he is doing for us.  He got home on Friday morning and was with me all weekend.

Saturday he decorated the outside of our house and I must say he did a wonderful job.  We also have candles in each of the windows, but you can't see that until dark. =)

On Sunday we put up our tree and did the inside decorating.  I love this time of year.  My house is covered in snowmen.
Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Mom graduates

This past Tuesday my Mom graduated from Tech school.  I am super proud of her.  Here she is in her cap and gown.  

Her Best Friend (left) and My Best Friend (right)

I am very thankful that my best friend was able to go with me!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

*My Car*

Today.. I am a very happy girl!  I got my car back this afternoon and I am jumping for joy!  I actually hugged it when I seen it.  My mom laughed.

I am so excited to have it back.  Its almost like buying a new car!  Yippeee!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to work...

Its Tuesday and its my first day of work this week... and that makes me happy.  Hubby had to take because I was too afraid to brave the roads by myself.  Our small little county ran out of salt so our roads were quite snowy.  I wasn't about to travel these roads in my car. 

Now, I am at home safe and sound.  Wrapped up in a blanket watching NCIS while it snows outside.  Its snowing outside ...again!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Today was a snow day for me!  Hubby went to work early and I am not a morning person so getting up and going with him wasn't an option.  He left for work at 5 and I don't go into work until 8am.  I spent the morning sleeping in!  I slept in until 11!  I love days like that.

When the hubby got home from work we decided to go outside and enjoy the snow.   Here are some pictures from the fun we had.

This was pre sledding. Right before he attempted it for the first time.

Peach chased him down the hill every time he would sled.   This picture makes me laugh!

Also, here is the video of hubby sledding down our huge front hill.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


January is here... and its brought us two snows already.  Last winter I think we might have had 3 total.  I like the snow, but I am over it already.  It makes it hard to get to work for me.  I live at the top of a hill.  No big deal you'd think, but you have to drive down  my hill and right back up another hill to get out of the neighborhood. 

The holidays are gone, and sadly I can't say that I  miss them.  I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's celebrations but I am glad to get my life and house back together. 

My resolution this year is to blog more.  I am going to try to find something to tell about every day.  I am sure that will work out just like it has in the past....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

*Merry Christmas 2010*

First let me start by saying Merry Christmas!  Its the day after, but I am so far behind.

I won't bore you with the details of the entire time that I have been absent because honestly, I don't remember half of the things that went on.  I will share a few details of the past days though..

This handsome little guy is my nephew, Mason.  He is 3 months and two weeks old.  He is the greatest.  My sister in law and I took pictures of him last week for her to give to family as presents.  This is another, one of my favs, that we took.  He isn't impressed.

He let us take a few cute pics before he had had enough.  Too cute.

Christmas Eve we had my family over for dinner.  I cooked!  This is the first holiday meal that I've fixed.  It was very fitting since this is officially the first Christmas in our new house.  Take a look at our beautiful tree!

Happy Holidays from the V's!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Time 2010

The picture isn't exactly straight, but this is my house so far.  I have a few more things to add and I will share another picture.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yes, you can call me a slacker.  I know I know.  After working on a computer all day I hate the thought of coming home to get on mine.  So let me catch you up on life...

Last Wednesday was Mr. V's 29th bday. I can't believe we are this old.  We didn't celebrate much thru the week but we have so far made up for it.  Last night we went to his parents house for dinner.  They grilled burgers and steaks and had him an ice cream cake.  It was great to visit with them.  Since we moved we don't see them as much.

 My Sister in Law A invited me to go with them shopping for my nephew who will be born in Sept.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to look at all those cute baby things!!  This is one of the many gifts that I got for her today.  It is super cute an I think she will really use it a lot.  I also bought picture frames for my fridge that say I love my Aunt and I love my Uncle that come with strict instructions that the photo's must be replaced monthly!

Tonight Hubby and I made a trip to a larger city nearby to have dinner.  We stopped at 'Five Guys'.  It was really good.  Not what i was expecting, but the food was great. 

Now, we are home watching tv and relaxing.  I love Saturdays where we get to relax.

Tomorrow A is having another shower and I will be headed to it too.  After that we are going to my parents for dinner and ANOTHER bday cake. 

*As of Monday, The V's are on a diet.  Stayed tuned tomorrow for my diet plan menu.*

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Yummy Dessert

I made this yummy yummy dessert yesterday and its already halfway gone!!  Its Oreo Cookie dessert.  My mom and dad came for dinner and took half of it with them.  D came to visit for a minute and grabbed her a bowl too.  Now, Mr.V and I have the rest of the bowl to ourselves, unless you knock on my door and ask!

Baby Mason -- my nephew

My wonderful sister in law if pregnant.  Yesterday was her baby shower.  I am beyond excited to finally have a nephew!!  Tim and I aren't sure if we will have children of our own, so this will be great for us.  We can spoil him and send him home.  Just kidding!! You better believe we will do our fair share of spoiling, but it won't be just to send his cute little butt home.

Baby Mason is due on September 27th.  I am so excited to see his little face!
 This is my favorite gift of course.  This kid will have an awesome aunt...heehee.

This cake was so cute and it went with the decorations perfectly.  Great job to the girls that threw this for her!!

Please keep my Miss A in your prayers as she has baby Mason.  You will undoubtedly hear and see more of this cutie soon!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Look

Check out my snazzy new look!! Thanks for Em for doing this for me.  You do amazing work and I am looking forward to many (many many many) more!

Broken Bed

Last night, Mr. V broke our bed.  Yep, he broke it and it hit the floor. 

We have had this bed since we got married.  It was something cheap that we bought because we needed a new one.  It wasn't meant to be around this long, and hubby decided he had enough.  It was popping and cracking when you got into bed and he said he was tired of it.  He ran from our bathroom and jumped right on the bed.  It hit the floor, the dog barked, and we both laughed.  Needless to say, at 11 o'clock last night we were taking apart the bed frame and putting our mattress and box springs on the floor.  It slept really good though.  We had a high bed so now we have a normal height bed.  :)

Good news for me, I will have to get a new bed soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The New Job (and an old new one)

No, I haven't found a new job already... but Mr. V sure did :)

Friday was his last day with his old job. He started his new job on Monday and couldn't be happier. Me either honestly. I actually get to see him. He was working so many hours at the old job that he would get home in just enough time to get a shower and head to bed... to get up and do it all over again. Now he is home before me and already had his nap :). We had to turn in his company vehicle on Saturday morning and that was a little bittersweet. He was sad because there was more people than expected at the warehouse that day and he had to say goodbye to them. I told him, don't be sad... the ones that are important to you will still be a phone call away!

I am enjoying my new job, too. I like being away from the public. It was not for me. I must not be a people person because I didn't have the patience I needed to listen to their issues and believe them. Its hard not to be cynical when you have to deal with people yelling in your face every day all day long. If you don't already know, I am back at the job I had before.. same company, different job. I am in a totally new building with a totally new title. Most of the people I worked with are here, but my friends are all gone. I met people that I had to talk to before but hadn't met. I have made friends, but I like being to myself for the most part. I work alone and sometimes that gets boring.

Where do you work?

Thursday Thirteen

This weeks topic... Thirteen things I love....

1. Thunderstorms. I love to sit on my front porch and watch the rain fall.
2. Water. Anything to do with water, I am there! I love being in a boat, or just standing beside the ocean.
3. Trucks. I love Trucks. I am a true Ford girl.
4. The South. I am a 100% true southern girl and I would not have it any other way.
5. Purses. I have to have a new one all the time. Mr. V says I waste his money on them too much.
6. Earrings. I love them. I have to have them... several of them.
7. Lists. I am a born list maker. Without my list, I would be lost!
8. Romantic Comedies. I love to sit in front of the tv and watch movies. Mr. V is usually in the other room!
9. TV Shows on DVD. I love to pick a show and watch it from beginning to end. Great way to waste a saturday.
10. Winter! I love cold weather... just not necessarily the snow part. I like it when I can stay home.
11. Christmas. My favorite holiday.
12. Fall. I love when the leaves change colors.
13. Most of all I love Life. I love My Life! I am a very blessed person with the best friend and the best family I could have ever asked for. I love Mr. V more than anything and I am so very thankful for him!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8 years ago...

8 years ago today, I married the perfect man for me.  I love him more than words can say.  As you have read before, he is the comic relief in my life and my reason for being.  I wouldn't know how to live without him.  I love him!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy as a V!

Wow! We sure have been busy around here.  Not that I am going to complain at all.  Life for us is amazing!

I am going to share with you a few pictures of what we did on our busy weekend.
This is part of the hard work that my hubby has been doing.  This use to be a flower bed filled with all types of flowers.  It was mulch and just a big mess.  Thanks to him it looks great!  This is our walkway up to the front door... and this is the other side of the steps.  Didn't he do a great job!

Please don't look at the brick... that is the next job.  Washing our house. 


This is our brand new front door.  I love it!  I now have a glass screen door and Peachy and I couldn't be happier.  She loves to sit and watch the world go by.

Here is our new chair that matches the rest of our living room furniture.  I am so happy to have a complete set of furniture.  Come on by for a visit and check it out.
Sorry about the grainy picture, it was taken with  my phone.  I knew I would be more likely to upload them if I used that to take it.
Now, I can't make a post without sharing you the cutest puppy in the world.  This is her sunning on the back porch with her favorite (nasty!) toy, miss cow.

As you know, Monday was Memorial Day.  I am a very proud American, and I had my flag out to show.

Happy Memorial Day!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Job!

If you read my blog before you know that I recently changed jobs. It wasn't really recent, it was July of last year to be exact.  Well, I am changing again.  I turned in my two week notice yesterday and will start my new job on June 1st.  I could not be happier.  I hate hate hate customer service and I applaud all that have the sanity to do it.  It was not for me.  I do however think that every single person should have to work in customer service face to face with the customer for at least a month.  It really puts things into perspective and makes you realize that you sometimes take things out on the wrong person. 

The new job is with the company I was with before I took my recent job.  I really missed it and I hope this one is just as good as the one I had before.

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Weekend

So, this was a very good weekend for the V's.  We accomplish a lot.  Not as much as originally planned, but do things usually go like they are suppose to?  They don't for us :)

Saturday we got up and took my engagement ring to the jeweler.  The prong that holds the diamond is bent for the second time. I didn't want to chance losing the diamond so I have to have it repaired for sure.  After leaving there we headed to home depot.  I was thinking of planting flowers, but decided against buying any because I am not sure what all I will need.  Hubby is still doing the layout of the landscaping and I guess I better wait to see what all we need.  After leaving Home Depot, we went to pick up rocks for the yard.  Little did we know but the tailgate on Mr. V's truck is bent and the rocks fell right thru.  All the way home we were driving so slow because rocks were going all over the cars around us.  That was a horrible ride home.   -- I did manage to buy me some pretty hanging baskets with Impatients in them.  They are hanging on my porch and they look so pretty.

Sunday was Mother's Day.  I cooked lunch for my mom and dinner for Mr. V's mom with the help of my sister in law.  We had lots of good food!

In other good news, my sister in law found out today she is having a BOY! I am so super happy for her!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Happy Mother's day to all those Mom's out there.  I have the best!  She is my biggest fan and always on my side. I can't imagine my life without her.  I love you Mommy!