Thursday, July 22, 2010

The New Job (and an old new one)

No, I haven't found a new job already... but Mr. V sure did :)

Friday was his last day with his old job. He started his new job on Monday and couldn't be happier. Me either honestly. I actually get to see him. He was working so many hours at the old job that he would get home in just enough time to get a shower and head to bed... to get up and do it all over again. Now he is home before me and already had his nap :). We had to turn in his company vehicle on Saturday morning and that was a little bittersweet. He was sad because there was more people than expected at the warehouse that day and he had to say goodbye to them. I told him, don't be sad... the ones that are important to you will still be a phone call away!

I am enjoying my new job, too. I like being away from the public. It was not for me. I must not be a people person because I didn't have the patience I needed to listen to their issues and believe them. Its hard not to be cynical when you have to deal with people yelling in your face every day all day long. If you don't already know, I am back at the job I had before.. same company, different job. I am in a totally new building with a totally new title. Most of the people I worked with are here, but my friends are all gone. I met people that I had to talk to before but hadn't met. I have made friends, but I like being to myself for the most part. I work alone and sometimes that gets boring.

Where do you work?


Taryn said...

At home. I love being a wife!

Glad you are liking your job too.

Emily said...

I am just now seeing this post.. it wasn't showing in my blog list.

Anyways, your up next for a blog makeover.. let me know if you still want one and we will go from there.

Emily said...

And OH! Go to my blog design page and go to the place order... fill in the order form on that page.... its pretty neat and will help me out greatly!