Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Job!

If you read my blog before you know that I recently changed jobs. It wasn't really recent, it was July of last year to be exact.  Well, I am changing again.  I turned in my two week notice yesterday and will start my new job on June 1st.  I could not be happier.  I hate hate hate customer service and I applaud all that have the sanity to do it.  It was not for me.  I do however think that every single person should have to work in customer service face to face with the customer for at least a month.  It really puts things into perspective and makes you realize that you sometimes take things out on the wrong person. 

The new job is with the company I was with before I took my recent job.  I really missed it and I hope this one is just as good as the one I had before.

Wish me luck!

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Emily said...

Good luck, so excited for you!! Can't wait to hear about it.