Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Weekend

So, this was a very good weekend for the V's.  We accomplish a lot.  Not as much as originally planned, but do things usually go like they are suppose to?  They don't for us :)

Saturday we got up and took my engagement ring to the jeweler.  The prong that holds the diamond is bent for the second time. I didn't want to chance losing the diamond so I have to have it repaired for sure.  After leaving there we headed to home depot.  I was thinking of planting flowers, but decided against buying any because I am not sure what all I will need.  Hubby is still doing the layout of the landscaping and I guess I better wait to see what all we need.  After leaving Home Depot, we went to pick up rocks for the yard.  Little did we know but the tailgate on Mr. V's truck is bent and the rocks fell right thru.  All the way home we were driving so slow because rocks were going all over the cars around us.  That was a horrible ride home.   -- I did manage to buy me some pretty hanging baskets with Impatients in them.  They are hanging on my porch and they look so pretty.

Sunday was Mother's Day.  I cooked lunch for my mom and dinner for Mr. V's mom with the help of my sister in law.  We had lots of good food!

In other good news, my sister in law found out today she is having a BOY! I am so super happy for her!

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Emily said...

SO exciting she is having a boy! The are so sweet!