Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Mason -- my nephew

My wonderful sister in law if pregnant.  Yesterday was her baby shower.  I am beyond excited to finally have a nephew!!  Tim and I aren't sure if we will have children of our own, so this will be great for us.  We can spoil him and send him home.  Just kidding!! You better believe we will do our fair share of spoiling, but it won't be just to send his cute little butt home.

Baby Mason is due on September 27th.  I am so excited to see his little face!
 This is my favorite gift of course.  This kid will have an awesome aunt...heehee.

This cake was so cute and it went with the decorations perfectly.  Great job to the girls that threw this for her!!

Please keep my Miss A in your prayers as she has baby Mason.  You will undoubtedly hear and see more of this cutie soon!!

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Emily said...

I can't wait to see his pictures too. I know everyone is so excited!