Sunday, December 26, 2010

*Merry Christmas 2010*

First let me start by saying Merry Christmas!  Its the day after, but I am so far behind.

I won't bore you with the details of the entire time that I have been absent because honestly, I don't remember half of the things that went on.  I will share a few details of the past days though..

This handsome little guy is my nephew, Mason.  He is 3 months and two weeks old.  He is the greatest.  My sister in law and I took pictures of him last week for her to give to family as presents.  This is another, one of my favs, that we took.  He isn't impressed.

He let us take a few cute pics before he had had enough.  Too cute.

Christmas Eve we had my family over for dinner.  I cooked!  This is the first holiday meal that I've fixed.  It was very fitting since this is officially the first Christmas in our new house.  Take a look at our beautiful tree!

Happy Holidays from the V's!!

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Sarah said...

That is such a good picture of you two!!!