Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Sunday at the ER

Today, Hubby and I spent three hours in the ER.

Hubby had an accident with a razor blade box cutter, and gashed his thumb pretty bad. We rushed him to the ER, but nobody there was in a hurry. As soon as we got there we realized that the place was packed. The lady at the register was in no hurry and angered Hubby as he was in a lot of pain. She was more worried about a phone that was off the hook than Hubby's thumb and the blood gushing from his hand. We sat in the waiting room and waited for almost two hours. By the time we got back into the room, it was no longer bleeding but he was still hurting! She told us he had cut it to the bone so 6 stitches later we are on our way home.....Take some Aleve for the pain, and come back in 7-10 days to have the stitches removed.

Not happy with them and the service at all! Some people should not be in customer service, and that lady was one of them!


Emily said...

That's awful about Tim. Hope he gets to feeling better. Yes, the hospital ER is awful.

Samantha said...

That is insane! They could have at least given him a shot of pain meds while in the waiting room. Yuck!

Misty said...

Poor guy! I hope that it's a good long while before you have to go back. ER's can be nightmares!