Friday, January 2, 2009


If you know me, you know that I am a perfectionist with a type A personality. I have to have everything just so, or I am not happy at all. I am usually very organized, but our basement was not in any way shape or form in any type of order. When we moved back to Tn in '05, we moved in with Hubby's grandmother. We have been here ever since. The only things that we unpacked were the necessary things and left the rest to sit and wait. Today, Hubby and I corrected that. We were both tired of the boxes being in the way and went thru and threw out the things that we knew we would never use. Now, happily our basement is organized, labeled, and grouped according to room/season. Everything is in the perfect place, and I am oh so happy about that.

Ah! I love being organized!


Emily said...

Now come do my house! Hee Hee

Misty said...

you described me to a T as well... It is the BEST feeling!

Magnolia Sun said...

I'm the same way, disorder drives me crazy!