Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Ramblings

I haven't been blogging about daily life this week since I was telling the story of Hubby and I, so I thought I would take a minute and do my usual random thoughts.

I have a job interview on Monday. Woohoo! I am super excited to be getting out there and looking. I didn't plan to do it to begin with, but I like the idea of trying something new. Wish me Luck!

My current job is a pain. We are training a few people (**some capable, some not!) to do our jobs. Its really hard to sit with them when you know they are there to take your place. They apologize but I think that makes it worse. The count right now is at 14 days remaining, but they are most likely going to keep us a little longer. I won't be there IF by chance I have a job offer.

**If you have ever worked with someone that already knows everything there is to know about everything, then you will completely understand what I mean by that!

We are still planning on taking a vacation/cruise in August. I went and paid the final payment on Monday so its official. I am super excited. Still not sure if it will be Hubby and I alone or if this will be another family affair. I was looking forward to the alone trip, but if they come I am sure we will have just as good of a time. We still plan to do our own thing and enjoy our time off!!

Life for us seems pretty great. We are moving forward with our house buying dream and if I am able to find a job that will make us that much closer. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


Pam said...

Good luck on the interview. I'm sending good vibes.

So, are you going to pursue that house that you love that went up for sale? how exciting!

He And Me + 3 said...

Good luck with the interview and moving forward with the house buying! How exciting and i am so jealous of your cruise.

Emily said...

Good luck with the job!!!

Can't wait to see the house you guys buy... I know you will be so much happier.

Taryn said...

Good luck on the interview- you will do great!